I do not believe that the Republican Party is the answer, any more than the Democratic Party is the answer. The Republican Party has become like the Democrats, while the Democrats have been over run by Progressives. We need a NEW choice...

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If no party were an option, that would be my choice. But unfortunately, having a central access point that can rally people together for the right cause, is necessary. If there were a way to use a currently existing party, I would opt for that. But unfortunately many have been tainted by bad decisions in the past or they have too many radical views, that will never work or they just generally do not have the right message and intention. For these reasons, I know an option needs to exist. Something that stands, for Liberty, a Government that makes sense, but it must be Constitutional in nature. It must have values, while not forcing those values on everyone, meaning it leaves people choices, even if those choices might be thought of as stupid by some or even dangerous. As long as people do not infringe on the rights, liberties or the ability to pursue happiness for anyone, then they do not need government to tell them what to do. Government can and should help create programs that are beneficial and even helpful to those that need it, to provide for the common defense and to promote the general welfare of all. But think logically about what that means and you too, will come to the conclusion that in order to save our Constitution and the American Way of Life, we need something NEW and Different that has not been tainted and it needs to start at the local grass roots level. All of our problems, are ultimately the result of us, the people. We created it, so we can change it.
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